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About the Voluntary Stewardship Program

Washington is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation! Without careful planning, this increase in people and development could diminish our critical areas and viable farmland.

Enabled under the State Growth Management Act, the VSP is an alternative to traditional top-down regulations for the protection of critical areas on agricultural land. Washington has 27 counties enrolled in VSP, as a citizen of Pacific County there may be opportunities available to you through VSP to receive on-site, expert assistance to develop a stewardship plan for your property.

The VSP applies to commercial and non-commercial operations regardless of scale and are inclusive of all types of agriculture and aquaculture.

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Individual Stewardship Plans

The Pacific Conservation District is responsible for working with agricultural producers to develop Individual Stewardship Plans (ISP) for local working lands. The ISP is designed to achieve several purposes simultaneously, including:
– Registering agricultural producers as participants in the VSP
– Developing an understanding of the baseline of conservation practices implemented by agricultural producers and tracking trends in conservation practices implemented by agricultural producers over time relative to that baseline understanding.
– Identifying and tracking threats to and progress toward agricultural viability based on cumulative assessment of individual reporting.
– Identifying additional practices that the producer may be interested in